New sign on the street library

Maybe this set of signs will limit deposits in the library box to children’s book?

Christmas 2022

Did you notice the activities in the wirra over Christmas?

How many did you try?

Spring 2022

The extra rains this year have provided us with a beautiful display of spring flowers.

Damperia dysantha (shrubby Damperia) amongst Einadia nutans (climbing saltbush)

Calytrix tetragona (common fringe-myrtle)

Bulbine semibarbata (annual bulbine-lily)

Dianella revoluta (Black-anther flax-lily)

Goodenia pinnatifida (cut-leaf goodenia)

Microtis unifolia (common onion-orchid)

Wirra Play Day September 2022

Caring for our environment, we sorted rubbish, painted with rubbish, and learnt about frogs and brewed up lemon grass tea.

Where is the bluebird now?

Can you find him somewhere in the wirra?

Celebrating NAIDOC week in 2022

Wirra Play Day June 2022

A beautiful morning at Wirra Play Day.

The smiles of playgroupers having fun exploring “Around my world” – yarta / land, yarlu / sea and ngayirda / sky reflected the winter sunshine.

New signs

Check out the new signage on the old farm gate to celebrate Reconciliation Week.

And also the renewed signs in the Nook

A new friend arrives!

Who has ben visiting the Children’s Library in the wirra?

Wirra Play Day March 2022

A small group of Stay and Players enjoyed the Autumn sunshine at out last Wirra Play day.

We had a photo shoot for AUC’s Five Leaf Eco Worship Award.