Did you find the signs of Christmas in the wirra?

Here are some images of what appeared this Christmas.

How did you go?

The hardest one to spot was the wreath attached to the wardli as shown in the closeup!!

What is going on?

Can you guess what is happening?

Christmas is coming?

What signs are present in the wirra to say Christmas is on the way?

Here is the first clue at the entry.

We have new residents!

Here are our latest residents.

And it looks like the noisy miner appreciates our butterflies!

Our 50th Celebration

Building connections – build with nature, build friendships

Moon Festival

Whilst working in the wirra today a local girl and her Dad arrived. They said today was Moon Festival, celebrated with moon cakes and lanterns. They shared a moon cake with us.

Thank you so much for making us aware of this special festival. Watch out for the full moon!

More ants and worms arrive to the wirra!

Today some more ants and worms arrived on the boundary deliniation!

More creatures making the wirra their home soon!!

Celebrating 50 years as one church on this site!

Coming up on 22 – 24 October 2021 is our celebration of 50 years as one church community and 166 years in the community.

Here is the first advertising at the front of the church. See the athelstonechurch.org.au website for full details of the event.

Wirra Play Day 14 September 2021

Theme: Feel the peace – sense of touch

A wonderful day with lots of activities for the children to participate in

Winter Wirra Play Day

No matter what the weather, children still love to play in the water and mud.